I’m Contributing Again by Tom P.

“So I recently decided to start contributing to Jaxscene again. I never stopped blogging- I have for the past 5 months been blogging for REAX. I started Jaxscene a little over 2 years ago to promote a scene that without much money had no way to get the word out on what was going on. With such a long passion building this blog and sometimes posting 4 to 5 times a day, recently I felt is was slipping a bit. I feel like a lot of people use this site to find out what is going on. Maybe to see some pictures and video of those events. So I feel it’s important for those events that I enjoy and I feel are important to be make people aware of them. I have plans to really get involved more and take the site in a little different direction.”

Photo by Norm Stovall (BusStop Mag)

Jax Band Project

Tom P. and Calder Yates are trying to collect names of all the Jacksonville bands and their members to create a family tree that Calder Yates is going to map out.

a) If you we ever in a band and want to be on this poster or big ass drawing or painting, just send your info to tom@reaxmusic.com or comment the info

b) if you know anyone that was in a band that you want to see on this poster or big ass drawing or painting, just send your info to tom@reaxmusic.com or comment the info.

c) Info will be verified the rule is you had to play in the band for at least 2 performances.

Info needed if possible:
Band Name
Instruments Played
Years In Band (i.e 1992, if possible, guessing is okay)


Name of Member
Bands That Person Has Played In
Instruments That Person Played and In Which Band

They already have a big list and will be posting that info. Feel free to just comment info if you like.


Taken from a facebook RSVP

Tom P.’s Last JaxScene Post

Photo by Jack Diablo

I just wanted to take the time to let you know my current situation. If you keep up with this blog you may have heard a while ago that JaxScene and REAX were going to merge. That news is at least six months old, but is still a desired direction of both REAX and myself. You might have wondered why there are JaxREAX links and our video has a REAX intro at the beginning, well, this is why. You also might have noticed there have not been any new issues of REAX magazine published in a few months. REAX made a decision to take everything online, and to move in a more national direction while still possibly publishing paper twice a year. I have always wanted to take advantage of their desire to grow so I can push the things I post about (bands, friends, clubs, artists, and culture) and expose them to a broader audience. This Friday the site REAX has been working on for the past three months is coming online. Once it launches I will be blogging over there instead of on JaxScene.

So what happens to JaxScene? I decided to leave it to the other contributors to do with as they choose. I just felt they put a lot into it to just shut it down. Let’s hope they will keep it going with interesting content. I’m going to the Surf Expo in Orlando this week so I decided to make this my last post. Those pictures will probably be my first posts on REAX to keep up with my live photos, and will be posted to my twitter at http://twitter.com/jaxreax.

Click to see REAX new site. (Currently in countdown)

posted by tom p.

Whacksonville Practical joke

I will stay true to the style of Jaxscene and just show you the pics and video, well maybe with a short background. Every week Whacksonville copies our Things to Do, calls it Friday Fun Factory and writes pretty bashing comments about the events. They say it’s too help the city stop being lame, or something to that nature. I’m not going to get into it, this is more or less playing a joke on them. Last night I added a few fake events to the Things to Do list, things I thought might be outrageous but believable. I even made flyers.

This is what was posted this morning: (Fake events are in red)



The Video of the possible response: made by jaxscene