Jaxscene: This Week 5 years ago

I sometimes wonder if there are people that just find JaxScene for the first time and end up wasting a whole day going through all the older pictures…. probably not. Anyways with that in mind I thought “This week 5 years ago” might be be cool idea. This is the first installment I’ll see how it goes.

This week five years ago there was a Art show in Springfield at the building I still currently reside in. Well that is at least till the end of the month. Our building like many of my landlords building(Craig Van horn) is being foreclosed on and is up for auction on the June 24th. Five years ago there was no Pearl or Shanty Town and I’m sure about midnight people started leaving the party to go to The Art Bar. At this time there were six artist and four people in bands in the building. We would all just open our doors, invite a couple bands, friends, and a DJ and leave our current work out for people to see. We really didn’t have neighbors so we didn’t worry so much about noise.

Shaun Thurston doing tricks in a wheelchair that was found left in our parking lot. you can see Shaun’s walls in the back ground. He had his whole place painted in that Shaun Thurton style, he even painted the floors.
Click the photo for the full set. Pictures by tom p.