Muff Playlist: Hurricane Irma

I feel a need to explain how I decided on the songs I chose for the Hurricane Irma playlist. When I first started, it was all the typical songs like CCR’s “Have You Ever Seen The Rain,” Eurythmics’ “Here Comes The Rain Again” and Scorpion’s “Rock Me Like A Hurricane.” All good songs, but that fact alone doesn’t make me want to listen to them. I wanted to take the playlist a different direction and decided to use songs that are more in the mood of a hurricane. I tried to think of how a person would feel trapped alone in a one bedroom apartment for a few days, knowing there is a big storm outside wreaking havoc and imprisoning them. So I found songs based on that. Songs that could make you feel happy, depressed or seemed to slow down time, so that one minute seemed to last forever.

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