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Things To Do 6/24/17

Coming Soon: Quintron and Miss Pussycat @ Jack Rabbits

When I get bored I have this little thing I like to do to pass the time. Check out what bands are coming to town and google the ones I’ve never heard of before. Most of the time what I find is met with an unenthusiastic sigh, but sometimes I get all giddy and excited and perform silly little celebratory dances.

My latest Google/Wikipedia exploration was one of those times that I am grateful to work more or less on my own because the aforementioned celebratory dancing was particularly embarassing. And that, my friends, is because Quintron and Miss Pussycat are coming to Jacksonville next week.

I have absoultely no idea what this New Orleans married duo sound like and neither do I care. For that is because Mr. Quintron invents and plays his own instruments that light up, move about, make strange sounds and look like cars. Srsly. Ooh, and there might be puppets too!

Check out this excerpt via Wikipedia:

Mr. Quintron is a multi-instrumental one-man-band. During performances, Mr. Quintron utilizes a custom-made Hammond organ/Fender Rhodes synthesizer combo which he has had custom outfitted to resemble the body of a car, complete with working headlights and a license plate which reads “Mr. Q”. Mr. Quintron is often accompanied by The Drum Buddy, a rotating, light-activated analog synthesizer, one of many which he has created and manufactured himself. Mr. Quintron frequently plays multiple instruments simultaneously, the Hammond organ acting as his primary instrument, and the Fender Rhodes supplying bass lines. He can often be seen keeping time on a hi-hat with one foot while toggling between a volume and wah-wah pedal with the other. Mr. Quintron is regularly accompanied by his wife Miss Pussycat, who sings backup and plays maracas.

Can you say “Aw hell yeah!”? I sure can.

So what you should do on Tuesday is go to Anomaly for Craft Night where you can make an affordable Christmas gift during these tough economic times and then head on over to Jack Rabbits to have your mind blown out your ear-holes!

Posted by Jack Diablo