Chelleby’s Urban Angels showcased on

Chelleby’s work has fairly obvious roots in fashion photography, but her subject matter and central themes are hardly the empty headed glamour shots and moody lighting or melodramatic telenovella oevre. Indeed, her models are young, fashionable, beefy, pouty and gorgeous, but in her photography they are imbued with something more than just their obvious physical charms. Instead she concentrates on social issues with a whimsical and light hand, presenting images that are both attractive and thought provoking…. [Read full article on]

Chelleby is currently looking for benefactors, gallery owners, and models, as she pushes projects to the next level. You can contact her during the artist hours between 12 – 12. 904-517-0405

Urban Visualization – sketchup

by David C. Welch

David here, I’ve been checking out some of the other featured Urban Facelift Project renders from Content Design Group that I first saw at Urban Jacksonville blog.

This concept really struck me; a chance at seeing some of the same abandoned projects and buildings we overlook turned into something beautiful and productive. I would like to think that this visualization, despite the city’s bulldozing of these historic buildings (, can generate future appeal into revamping downtown.

So I decided to try a whack at it. I went on the Google machine and looked for photos of other old Jacksonville buildings and saved them to start on what would become a very fun project. To sketch easily, but time consuming, I used Google Sketchup.

AbandonedLaVillaBuilding_topright AbandonedLaVillaBuilding_original AbandonedLaVillaBuilding_front AbandonedLaVillaBuilding_top
Photo used as template from

I would like to see more of these, if you want, make some makeovers yourself and mail me at I’ll feature them in a future post. Google Sketchup tutorials here.