JAXSCENE LWBM SPORT Interview with Taylor Alexander Smith (TAZ), Owner & Designer

What does LWBM stand for, and when was it conceived?
LWBM is an abbreviation for “Legends Will Be Made.”

This abbreviation delivers the underlying message that legends are not born, they are made. This is to encourage young athletes and really everybody to always keep their dreams in mind.

LWBM is for everyone to enjoy, where sport, fun, and a relaxed luxury lifestyle mix cohesively.

I am a professionally trained racing driver, specializing in open-wheel formula cars. In 2006, I wanted to create something that I could connect my creative arts side with my passion for sport. I uttered the words, “Legends Will Be Made.”, to myself late one summer night, and the abbreviation and concept of LWBM was formed.

I first saw you at the 229 North Hogan gallery during “I’M BOARD 4“. How was that experience?
It was incredible to say the least! I was super enthused to see an event like that here in Jacksonville. It was my first time attending a public event with my product for everyone to see and comment. It was great to see it side-by-side with other decks and get feedback on where LWBM stands in the Jacksonville market. I look forward to attending this event EVERY YEAR!

As a local business sharing the market with other local clothing retailers, what have you learned or discovered?
I have discovered that the markets here are tightly-knit communities, which is great. They are supportive of each other, and they warmly welcome new partners and products into their communities.

I understand that LWBM consists of limited edition products. How often do you rotate product and is there any plans to extend or change that?
Yes that is correct, for this point in time our products are very limited.
I rotate the product pretty much as soon as it sells, or basically every season.
Limited products are always fun, because they allow me to try new things. So I will continue to offer small scale productions.

In May you are dropping a new line, LWBM Summer 2010. What are we to look forward to for this line?
For LWBM Summer 2010, you should be looking forward to a beach themed line, drawing inspiration from the local Jacksonville beaches and west coast neighborhoods, such as Sherman Oaks (I am after all a west coast kid).

I will be offering a limited print skate deck and my usual shop skate decks, limited tank tops and pocket tees, super limited denim shorts, rubberized sunglasses, new posters, the new and free LWBM Skate Mix Volume 2 music mix, and one specially colored Nintendo Entertainment System package.

That is the current list of the confirmed summer products. I may have some more additional surprises, as well as, product additions from third party brands throughout the summer heading into our Fall 2010 line-up.

Will the LWBM Summer 2010 line be available all at once?
Unfortunately, due to staggered shipping dates, it will not all be available the first week of May! So we have the free skate mix kicking things off May 1st so be sure to check that out online at http://www.LWBMSPORT.com. Our rubberized sunglasses should be here by the end of the first week of May. Clothing should be ready by May 13th. And the skate decks are the latest items, shipping mid-June.

Are you stocking retailers this season?
I will be expanding LWBM’s distribution from Jacksonville to international and national retailers. If you are a verified retailer interested in carrying LWBM items, just e-mail me at sales@lwbmsport.com, and I will take care of your needs.

You’re re-launching a new lwbmsport.com, what is the main focus of the new site?
More complex shipping options. PERIOD. I actually have a pretty solid startup worldwide fan base. I get comments and messages from kids in Hawaii, the Bronx, and all of the way to Indonesia, so I have made it a little easier for my long distance fans to get connected for the time being.

The new site also features a more in-depth shopping experience, allowing customers to create accounts, wish-lists, join an e-mail update service, and the potential to collect “Baller Points” to reward them on their purchases.

What are your plans of the distant future? Are you going to expand to other sports paraphernalia?
The big plan on my plate at the moment is opening a retail location here in Jacksonville. In doing so, I will be further opening doors to third party brands that would be supporting my looks and styles in a live environment. Plans are already locked in to provide other sports focused paraphernalia, so keep an eye on us over the coming months.

What are your plans for Fall?
We will see, enjoy Summer 2010 while it lasts!

Use coupon code S10JAXSCENE for 15% OFF all products at http://www.LWBMSPORT.com (expires ON August 1st) All LWBM purchases come with a free pair of LWBM rubberized sunglasses.


Interview by David W.