JT Murphy’s Five Points Homeless Videos

Last month I was looking at recent Jacksonville videos on youtube and this popped up. They were uploaded by a user named Safner. I figured from his description they were made in 2001 by JT Murphy, a friend and old neighbor of mine. I asked him a few questions about the documentary film. Interviewed by tom p.

How did the project come about? I was playing music in a few bands and just starting to paint. But wanted to make any kind of art there was to be made. I have always been intrigued with the homeless even as a kid..when I got a camcorder it seemed like the film I should make.

When did you start filming and how long did it take? I dont remember..but the dates are on the screen..I think the first rule in film school is to remove the date..never went to film school.

Was it hard getting homeless people to tell you their stories? No cause I knew almost everyone in the film..

Did you have to buy them beer or food to get them to talk on film? No..I think I bought Jackie some fries from Hardees, now Pizza Palace.

I think you told me you edited as you were filming, is that right? Yep..pause record and two vcrs..music overdub from a 4 track.

Who were all the people involved in making the film, was it just you? Just me..some random kids watched as I was filming tho.

Do you know where any of the homeless people are now? A few are still in Five Points..Ajax(rip)..I hear Art is a car salesman on Cassat Ave.

Do you have any emotional attachment to the film or any of the people in it? Of course.. it was the first and only thing I ever did with a camera..so it’s like ..remember that one time I made a movie..

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