The residents of Ken Knight Drive North, in Jacksonville Florida, suffered a devastating blow to their community at the hands of Hurricane Irma. Due to their close proximity to the Ribault River – their homes were left in ruins from flooding, rainfall, and wind. As the rest of Jacksonville and surrounding areas have their electricity back, clean drinking water and are recovering from -the residents of Ken Knight Drive are not so lucky.

Thanks to the efforts of Denise Hunt, the community has started to come and provide clothing, food, water, furniture, school supplies for kids and all basic human necessities.

Jack Rabbits has hopped aboard to help and opened their doors to raise funds, basic human necessities and awareness for the residents of Ken Knight Drive. The amazing Jacksonville musicians known as The Kate Rays, Mama Blue, Ruffians and Billy & Bella have donated their talents and time to help through the love and healing power of music.  $5 at the door and/or water, non perishable food, clothing of all sizes, diapers of all sizes, cleaning supplies, first aid items, school supplies, grills for cooking/propane/charcoal, eating/cooking utensils, sleeping bags, bed linens and any/all basic human necessities. Spread the word!