Before you hibernate for the rest of the year…

There are a few end of the year events that are a must.

This Friday @ Fuel is a 40+ artist Joe Van Dyke show called Art Magic.

This Saturday is the BBB Complex Art Show. Don’t let the name fool you i think of something new every week. It is the Burro Bags/ Zombie Bikes/ Royal Treatment Shop. You know next to Chan’s. They are trying to raise money so they can stay there for another year. I have been stopping by all week and the Burro kids have been sewing bags created by different artists for the show. People have been bringing in painted bike frames for the show. And everyone is welcome, the people at the shop are some of the best people I’ve ever meet. You don’t have to ride a bike, have a record player, or be into DYI. Even though all these are a plus, everyone is welcome so come out.

Thursday 12/25 The Eclipse Christmas Party. There are a couple things I will say The Eclipse owns in this town, 1) the indie rock dance night and 2) the end of the year Christmas party. I have been for the past three years and every year I have said to myself, “This is the best show of the year.” Come for the music, stay for the people.

New Year’s Eve TSI’s Silver and Gold Ball. I know New Year’s Eve is a big night for all Jacksonville’s clubs, but I have to say TSI has the recipe for doing this night right. It is a must for starting your new year on the right foot.

Sorry if I missed anything, and these are only the opinions of one JaxScene contributor. Maybe I should have called it tom p.’s end of the year event picks.