Summertime In The City

I was going to make a post about my recommendations from my take on the event. I got this big list of stuff that is going to be dope. But then I saw Joey Marchy’s post at UrbanJacksonville and it’s way nicer then anything I can pull off. With that said I’ll just summarize and send you over there.
It’s all weekend:
Friday at TSI – Edan w/ Dahga, Willie Evans Jr, Paten Locke, Dillon and Tough Junkie, and the Big Bucks DJs.
Saturday – All kinds of things planned. A break dance battle at the Riverside Arts Market starting at noon. After that head over to the Triple B Warehouse in Springfield for the mayhem to continue with a free keg, pizza party and live mural painting by Thursto and others, skateboarding and bicycling. That night at 10pm, walk over to Shantytown for the final event with hip hop from Larry Otis, Mr. Al Pete, The Elevated Hip Hop Experience, Heavy Flow, The N Word, Dr. Sam Beckett, Dope Sandwich, Steadfast, and more!

click image to get to full details from urbanjacksonville