STRIKE A CHORD contest to fight homelessness

A great idea, and a chance to get your band out there more.

‘STRIKE A CHORD’ contest offers bands and musicians an opportunity to compete for cash, prizes and recognition by coming up with the accompanying music to the provided lyrics. Musicians are being encouraged to get involved and help fight homelessness.

Choose your favorite song lyrics, and create the accompanying music with your musical talent.

READ MORE @ embraced by ‘Fit For Rivals’ for album funding

I just saw that local band ‘Fit For Rivals’ started a Kickstarter page to help fund the production for their next album. While I am new to their music, I can say they sound good and that it’s awesome they took the web to keep it alive.

‘SUNBEARS!’ as you may know did and overreached their pledged goal of $8,000 with $9,555. I would love this idea to be applied to other local bands or projects that maybe aren’t even well known. Embrace what resources you can!

If you wanted to help back the album you have about a month to do so in this way.

"The Not So Rarities" by "i am god" album available online for download

The currently disbanded Jax Band “i am god” (folk/indie/punk) made their “The Not So Rarities” album available for download on their band camp page. “The Not So Rarities” was never yet release, so if you liked seeing them live, like I did, this is a must download. 

To listen or download, go here

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Jaxscene pics of i am god.
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Jax Band Project

Tom P. and Calder Yates are trying to collect names of all the Jacksonville bands and their members to create a family tree that Calder Yates is going to map out.

a) If you we ever in a band and want to be on this poster or big ass drawing or painting, just send your info to or comment the info

b) if you know anyone that was in a band that you want to see on this poster or big ass drawing or painting, just send your info to or comment the info.

c) Info will be verified the rule is you had to play in the band for at least 2 performances.

Info needed if possible:
Band Name
Instruments Played
Years In Band (i.e 1992, if possible, guessing is okay)


Name of Member
Bands That Person Has Played In
Instruments That Person Played and In Which Band

They already have a big list and will be posting that info. Feel free to just comment info if you like.


Taken from a facebook RSVP