9-21-03 “will someone come” -?- time travel day, wsc?92103
In the winter of 2000 I spent my life skateboarding everyday and trying to accumulate a fairly decent indie record collection. I went to a party one night and a couple of friends were discussing time travel. For some reason a idea chose me, why don’t someone invent a day established in history as a day for time travelers to come back to, a “time travel day”. I figure if one could publicize it enough and no one comes back it might mean to some people time travel’s not possible and people should leave the idea alone. In the winter of 2000 I wasn’t a artist and I don’t consider myself one today. From that moment till today the idea has turned into a passion. I have just done what has been in my reach to help get the word out and use the best methods I knew how. “time travel day”

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