Artwalk Downtown Jacksonville 9/17 Photos

It’s been a while since I’ve been to an Artwalk. Burro Bar was still open the last time I went to an Artwalk, so that would mean more than a year. I’ve never really had a reason to go. The idea of going to an Artwalk and not being able to drink on that corner of Adams and Oceans Streets just took the appeal of going downtown away from me.

So you might ask what would make me want to come out to Artwalk after over a year,  knowing my favorite hangout spot would not be there. Was it that it was promoted as the Dog Days of Summer Pet Walk, and people were encouraged to bring their dogs? Maybe that they cancelled outside street performances? Maybe because of the controversy surrounding the confederate statues? I have to say I was hoping to see all that. Unfortunately the only one of those I did see was people performing indoors.

My night basically went like this, I arrived at Hemming Park to hang out for a bit. There were about 15 people there, drawing their ideas of what they would like to see in Hemming Park instead of the confederate statue. We decided to go to Wolf and Cub and I let my daughter buy whatever she wanted. We then went upstairs to the Cathedral Arts Project offices to see Shawn Lightfoot and Mama Blue perform on the balcony overlooking Laura Street. We ate dinner at Superfood and Brew, which is my favorite place to eat in Jacksonville. Their tuna poke bowl is ridiculously delicious. We walked outside around 8 p.m. and almost everyone was gone. Artwalk was basically over a whole hour before the scheduled closing time.


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