September 14th events and Local blog/news roundup

  • ABOVE: Local band SUNBEARS finished wrapping up the shooting of their latest music video for their single “Give Love A Try”, last First Fridays in Five Points. People were openly invited to attend and be apart of a non-permitted “guerrilla” video shoot. Looking forward to seeing it. Check back here for photos from that event by Tom P.
  • Speaking of music videos, Jack Diablo and EU presents Jacksonville Music Video Revival, a calling for videos. “The JMVR began last year as a pet project of Jack Diablo and EU Jacksonville with the intended purpose of showcasing local filmmaking and musical talent and the hopes of stimulating a “revival” of the art from here in Jacksonville. Many music videos have been made since then and we are pleased to offer an outlet for them to be seen by the public.”. Read this post for more info and how to get involved. I think this is a push in a awesome art direction. Last Year’s interview with Jack on Urban Jacksonville. Here’s pictures by Tom P. from a previous JMVR night, August 2010.
  • created an ad about running featuring music from local band Crash the Satellites, directed by Patrick Barry. It was pretty cool and a great choice of song. I tried to name the recognizable places the runner, Rick Patterson, was at in Jacksonville. By the way Rick, your arms will get too warn out running that way.
  • continues posting and I got to say it’s sort of my guilty pleasure. It’s enticing like reality TV in the way that you get to hear some dirt at the expense of someone else, whether warranted or not. It’s drawn controversy for posting such raw info on bad renters, including pictures of them and the damages they’ve caused. They have taken criticism that they’re being one sided, but it’s more of a place for these landlords to blow off some steam from cases that ended unsatisfactorily. A place for renters to blow off steam has been a suggestion and bringing this resulting post.
  • Not too long after the new local bicycling advocacy group; The Jacksonville Bicycle Coalition. site went live came a stream of posts about bike riders being struck by vehicles. Some being hit and runs and most leaving the rider seriously injured. This post highlights some of these recent incidences. Visit to read more and get involved where you can to make it safer to ride in Jax.
  • Words That Make Your Heart Tingle“, a post on Jax Underbelly blog about feedback from fans concerning the former venue Underbelly’s in five points. Who knew it meant this much. Well, lets get Underbelly 2 going!!
  • Birdie, the creator of some local web comics we love at JaxScene is taking a break, or even a farewell, not too long after a revamping of his comic Frog VS Toad. I enjoyed the new look of the characters and hopefully he will get back into it. But everyone’s got to stop and refocus. We know this all to well.
  • Art: BEAST EVERY WEEK & Fly’s Tie Project.

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