Jaxscene Tumblr Reboot

In the past I’ve loved the 50+ photos submitted to our Tumblr feed, live from people hanging out and around the scene. In it’s popular days we saw on the moment live shows, obscure hangouts, traffic accidents, cool street art, personal blurbs from some of our fans, and event breaking news. And it got interesting what else we got because it’s totally anonymous and anyone can post. The only reason such a neat idea fell out, was that it was spammed constantly by bots. Because to submit to our Tumblr live on the spot, you would send it to our email listed in plain text on the right side of our Tumblr page, which was easily read by spam bots.

Not realizing that having the email listed as a image would stop this, I regenerated an email and again listed it as text. I eventually gave up and buried it.

Now this time, it’s back up and the email is a image. All posts will be moderated for nudity or obviously abusive posts. So now it’s over to you. Post what’s going on. It can be text, photo, even video. Posts will be live right on the column to the right on this site.

Save the email in your phone 

View the Jaxscene Tumblr here or click the feed on our sidebar.

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