0mg Jaxscene sucks. A self hate meme post. Plus news!

Good day, David W. here. As you may see there are large gaps to no posts of things to do as well as photo posts. This is because I suck bawls and I think Tom P. is over it once again, and I can’t blame him. It’s all hand coded and I’m sure he thought I would have the more automated system done by now. Which was starting to require a coding level I’m not familiar with. I will need some more time and help for that. As for the regular hand written things to do, it may just be on primary days plus recommended events and fliers.

Here’s a timeline graph of our history (Sorta based on data)

I really wanted this to work out, I wanted to keep this going. But I can also say that there are at least 5 people who said they want to contribute and never did. That’s getting old fast. Maybe it’s because there’s not actually anything going on anymore. I did see a fire show that melted my face though, and no one took pictures.
If anyone wants to help do things to do don’t hesitate to email me. Perks include getting free cover at places that appreciate the promotion. Hell, if anyone cares at all to help this site, let me know. I need some photos! Email: jaxscenedavid@gmail.com

Here’s some local news

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  • birdilicious

    From what I was told I heard Ian is moving to The old Imperial building which just released it's most recent tennants.

  • David W.

    Ahhhh, I will be there as soon as it opens! Thanks Birdie!

  • Van

    Aw, didn't realized you linked to my post with Ed and Birdie. Thank you.

    I want to add photos to Jax Scene, but it's tricky for me to add them the day-of. I'll keep trying!

    Good luck!

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