Forever 21 Tries To Claim Ownership of R. Lands Loss Cat

If you lived in jacksonville for more then a brief period of time you might have seen a poster, shirt, sticker, or a piece of art in a window of a store like Fans and Stove in 5 points of Speckles the Loss Cat. Speckles the Loss Cat is the work of native artist R. Land that now resides in Atlanta. Recently notice by a blog called YouThoughtWeWouldntNotice, a blog where they display major corporations ripping off the work of underground artist and pawning them off as their own. I went to the site to try to get me one of these R. Land/Forever 21 shirts but it looks as if they have already been pulled from the shelves. Good to see R. Land is not letting the man push him around. I would like to see R. Land at least make fun of the situation and do a Speckles the Copy Cat decked out in Forever 21 gear.

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