Manly Bubble Baths! A Collection of Comics From The Haiku Life Preorder Info

Some of you might already know Birdie, he is known for his drawings of local themes on his blogs The Haiku Life and Frog vs Toad. He also has ability to talk all day in haiku’s. Birdie has compiled a book of his favorite drawing and has it for sale here.

The first collection of “The Haiku Life” comics, containing the entirety of 2009, plus non-published comics, non-published poetry and extra special content!
All people who preorder will get the book, along with a Haikuza Membership card, and an original drawing in the book with a personalized haiku
This is a PRE-ORDER. Books will not be sent untiil the Pre-order quota is fulfilled, and the books arrive from the printer. This can take a FEW MONTHS, but preordering is important so putting out the book is possible.

Birdie has done a few of drawing of Jaxscene contributors Tom and David and can bee seen here.

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