June 14th events and Local blog/news roundup

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  • Two of Five Point’s best newer venues; Lomax Lodge and Underbelly, will be forced to close shop and move due to neighborhood noise complaints. You can read more with the Folio Weekly article online. I hope there is some news on how we can make the situation better for them. You should definitely show them some love.
  • Madeleine of ‘Art Isn’t Rocket Science’ blog post some brilliant new large-scale drawings. I recommend clicking them to embiggen. As well ToyCrusher creates the “CROMS”; Spray paint, oil, & acrylic on a wooden box. It’s says sweet stash all over it. Not literally. Calm down.
  • A new FaceBook page called  Isawyou Jacksonville was created in the theme of Folio Weekly’s I saw you section, so you can hook up some love. You can have them post so you can stay anonymous.
  • Tony of TheUrbanCoreDotCom posts an article about his new move in joining the keymer group specializing in public relations. He loves this place and strives to make it better.
  • BusstopMag.com posts a video of Jacksonville originating skater Nick Blanco in honor of his 20th birthday.
  • The Jacksonville 48 Hour Film Project kicks of this weekend the 17th. Scheduling and info at http://www.48hourfilm.com/jacksonville.
  • I’d like to mention Content Design Group’s latest Urban Facelift Project #15. The Urban Facelift Project is where they take photos of desolate or non functioning buildings in Jacksonville and graphically mock them up to show a concept of what they can be. I’m a geek for this stuff so a long while back I submitted one of my own to them.
  • ABOVE: Haiku Birdie mentions us in ‘Frog Vs Toad‘ comic strip. Looking forward to seeing cartoon us ha ha. It won’t be as long as it takes my cat to clean the both of us, as Frog Vs. Toad flows as a story. For more goodness peep ‘The Haiku Life‘.

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