Street Interview: Cassandra Reyhani

I met Cassandra recently and enjoy her since of humor and interest in good people. Although you might already know she used to DJ at TSI, today she enjoys the company of friends and white water rafting. When not out, you can catch her building the largest pretzel hardon collider. My intro might have some lies.

If you could rename any road in Jax, which would it be, and what would be the new name?
I’d rename Osceola to Areola because that makes me laugh a lot harder.

Purple, actually, but I won’t tell anybody.

Can you recall the last creative or best local event flier you’ve seen?
BLORR’s music video release’s flyer for “Boy, You Need Jesus” was gorgeous. I liked the colors and style a lot.

What hat would you wear to a hat party?
I have a bunny hat. It’s so anime but I’d be afraid I’d be mistaken for a furry.
And that wouldn’t be cool.

Are ghosts real?
I don’t really know. I’ve never had paranormal experience of any type, so who knows?

What do you think motivated the kingdom to put Humpty Dumpty back together?

Any favorite local bands?
I’m going to say I love a lot of them, but SPP, Status Faux, Sunbears!, the AIDS, Opiate Eyes, Rice, the 2416s, Just Will, Yr Darcy… I don’t know, really… A lot of good music is out in Jacksonville (also I am totally plugging friend’s of mine’s bands) despite how much I hate on it sometimes.

Image you became extremely rich by inviting something; like the guy who invented post-its. What would it be? (David’s poised to steal the idea muhahahaha)
I’d invite a portable ice cream machine that attaches to your mouth like a horse-feed bag.

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Interview by David.
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