Thrilla In Manila A Versus Gallery Project

Taken from the Versus Gallery Facebook
The next Versus project is a open call project for anyone that likes to create. Every month we will be putting together a 50 plus manilla envelope style magazine. We are asking anyone that wants to participate to send in or drop off any number of small things you made that will fit in a 8.5″ by 11″ manilla envelope. (keeping in mind you will be sharing the envelope with others) you can make a button, a postcard, a print, a photograph, sticker, a poem anything you made by hand. The idea is to make something you can reproduce 50 of. We will have a deadline date and everything submitted by this date will be put in these envelopes and given away in a way not yet decided.

The idea:The idea is to get people to create something that is no bigger the a letter size sheet of paper. if can be anything as long as it can’t be crushed. It must be handmade, stickers are acceptable. Everyone turns in these items contributing to a envelope style magazine with everyone contributions. Within these contributions will be articles, interviews or write up based on some of the contributors to help tie the magazine together. It is encouraged that you create something you find beautiful and encouraging to others. It will have no binding.

The benefits: This can be used a way to show people your talents. You get to show your work with people you might never have shown your work with but would like to. People will get a change to physically hold something you made and see how it interacts with their lives rather then just see it on a shelf or wall. If you ever wanted to help contribute to a art project/magazine you can.

How to be part: Create something. The ideal number is to create fifty of this something. You can create 50 unique items if you like, so each package is also one of a kind. If you can not create fifty create what you can. Send it in or drop it off before the set deadline and we will take care of the rest.

When: Thrilla In Manilla will be released (if everything goes as planned) every month for free. How it is released will be determined.

Link to Folio article by Dan Brown

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