JaxScene hardly updated [web poll featured]

As you can see if you still visit this site, it’s sitting unused and out of date. This is because, among other reasons, a loss in interest.

If you want something bad enough, you know, you will set out to make it happen. I myself have been trying to keep it going but hiccup after hiccup I got burnt out.

The service of things to do was great but Facebook events make this sort of thing obsolete. The hope in continuing things to do was to list really obscure or neat events you just wouldn’t hear about unless you were in the know.

Which brings me to another point; you would have to be in the know. You would have to afford to be out daily getting involved and taking photos of it. I couldn’t do this for the longest because of severe money troubles.

It takes a team for any media outlet to survive. There were only small bit of contributors and as the time line fallows, proved tiring. Also, we had different ideas and sometimes they conflicted. We all had other things we concerned ourselves with.

It’s no question that the bread and butter of JaxScene was media. Our photo hits sky rocketed in 08 and still maintains visitors today. My ideas that fell flat were to expand to a podcast, audio interviews, JaxScene TV, and have enough contributors to be in many places to cover more.

But who has that type of energy right? With personal feats that I face, it’s hard to stay motivated, let alone to motivate others. Is there a place for JaxScene still in this city? Did it have something that other blogs that cover their scene didn’t have? Did it help anyone other than JaxScene members?

If JaxScene should be relaunched I think it should be very energetic. It should have the people and networking behind it. It should have more written articles. It should truly help others and bring in revenue for those working for it. JaxScene should be an outlet to any artist wanting a bigger audience. It should be a union with the power to host its own events. It should comprise of individuals who already change the scene around them to what they want to see happen.

It’s possible.

JaxScene is just us. A name with a large web hit count. It has been taken seriously by other big cities as indicated by emails from publications and music labels. I think we only scratched the surface. There are no real obstacles to something like a JaxScene blog here when even the people who say Jacksonville is whack also agree it will always need doers and movers despite what it looks like to others who don’t get it.

A relaunch is possible. A magazine is possible. Take some time to comment on what you think and take my poll.


5 thoughts on “JaxScene hardly updated [web poll featured]”

  1. Keep JaxScening. Every day there isn't a “Things to Do” is like a bullet in my heart, that feature is an incredible thing. Maybe you could get a team together by enticing one or two people from each area of town to send daily mini-reports about what's happening so it's not all on your shoulders. Or maybe you already do that, I don't know.
    in any case,t he worst case scenario is closing up shop. Dont you do it!

  2. I think it's really useful to have a list of things to do in one place and remember checking Jaxscene at least once a week when it was more active.
    Also,streamlining the page layout to make it more minimalist and focused could help bring more consistent traffic. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys, I think it's pretty clear after 33 votes. There's a slew of talent that I've been talking to about starting on launch. I myself am really tied up so it is looking like late December. We'll see. I still have to talk to Tom P.

  4. I'll admit I've only checked occasionally, but I love local blogs the spirit of community that comes with them. This blog must live on!

    I'd love to see detailed reviews of Jacksonville events and articles about the city: apartments, neighboorhoods, problem areas, good eats, places to live.

    Contact me, I love blogging and I'd love to help. 🙂 Maybe as the “Thrify in Jax” or “Art Nerd” contributer or something.

  5. All of the Jax blogs should join forces and create one really awesome blog. That way there would be a sleuth of contributors writing whenever there's something neat to post. We can take all of the strong points from all blogs and combine them into one site. Let's all create one forum and meetup somewhere to talk. Blogs in mind The Outer Box, JaxScene, Mesh Magazine, Thrift Core, etc.

    Mesh Magazine

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