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Recently we have recieved emails asking how to get events on JaxScene. Number one is JaxScene will not promote events that does not represent the views of JaxScene.
With that there are a few ways. If you create a Facebook event send an invite to Tom P. This also is the feeder to the calendar on the JaxScene sidebar. If it’s in the sidebar calendar people can view it in advance. I wish I didn’t start things off using my Facebook but it’s done and I’m to lazy to change it. If you create a Facebook event please add the original full size image to the details, sometimes the event thumbnail is hard to read.
The other way is to do what Big Dunn does and sends us an email of his flyers then yells, belittles and makes threats to us about what he is going to do to us if we don’t put it up.
I personally think it’s lame to create an event you want people to come out to and you can’t make a flyer. Well this isn’t a lecture, you will do what you do. But this is how you get it on JaxScene. These are flyers of events today and in the upcoming week.

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