Jim Carrey In "Yes Man" Named The Mascot of Jaxscene

I’m not saying blogs should even have a mascot but I thought if Jaxscene ever did it would be Carl Allen, Jim Carrey role in “Yes Man”. Basically it starts out with this guy Carl Allen (Jim Carrey) who works at a dead end job and likes to sit at home and watch movies. He won’t hang out with his friends and avoids phone calls or anything with a commitment. Then one day he goes to a seminar and is introduced to The Power of “Yes”. After the seminar Carl has to say yes to any new situation. He learns that saying yes is opening him to new opportunities. I’m not saying you should do drugs or sleep with everyone that wants you to have sex with them. Something Carl, Jim Carrey’s character learn later on. I just think since there is so many options to do things in Jacksonville it might be beneficial to start saying yes to things you usually say not to. Go to a art show, go to a Jack Rabbits show, go to Doozers, go to a Suns game during the day, go for a walk on the Southbank, go to Zombie or The Letter Shop. I’m pretty sure you might enjoy the new things you see or the people you meet and open you up to opportunities you never knew were there. Be like Carl.

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