Live Urban Jacksonville Weekly Next Thursday 6/24

A note from Joey.

Hello friends, media contacts, bloggers!
I’m hosting a live episode of Urban Jacksonville Weekly at the 5 Points Theatre on June 24th. Urban Jacksonville Weekly is a local podcast that talks about urban development issues, downtown news and culture. This is out second live show and will be our 71st episode.
I would like you help spreading the word. Please tweet, post on Facebook and blog! Here are some highlights:
* sneak preview of the new Banksy film Exit Through the Gift Shop
* movie ticket giveaways for Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop
* live music by After the Bomb Baby
* guest co-host Melissa Ross from WJCT’s First Coast Connect
* guests Dr. Wayne Wood and Steve Lovett talk about the Laura Trio project
* beer and wine
* after party at Anomaly/Underbelly with two live bands
Facebook Event:
LIVE Urban Jacksonville Weekly June 24th at the 5 Points Theatre. ujw5points Banksy film preview and ticket giveaway!

Thanks and thanks again, hope to see you there!

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