I’m Contributing Again by Tom P.

“So I recently decided to start contributing to Jaxscene again. I never stopped blogging- I have for the past 5 months been blogging for REAX. I started Jaxscene a little over 2 years ago to promote a scene that without much money had no way to get the word out on what was going on. With such a long passion building this blog and sometimes posting 4 to 5 times a day, recently I felt is was slipping a bit. I feel like a lot of people use this site to find out what is going on. Maybe to see some pictures and video of those events. So I feel it’s important for those events that I enjoy and I feel are important to be make people aware of them. I have plans to really get involved more and take the site in a little different direction.”

Photo by Norm Stovall (BusStop Mag)

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  • Happenstance Photograph

    Good, welcome back

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