A call for JaxScene Contributors

I am currently looking to bring on more contributors who could consistently contribute photos, video, write-ups, interviews, and miscellaneous. JaxScene really survives with photo traffic aside from things to do. It displays what happen at various places. The photos could capture what is really cool in Jacksonville; a cut away from the norm, or just interesting. Interviews are fun and there’s access to lots of artists and people through the JaxScene cred.

More contributors would also help cover the things we miss. Right now there’s no pay so you got to do it for the love of your community and there’s always a chance to promote a favorite band or place with the traffic that we do get already. Maybe you’ve already been shooting shows? I can see the energy poured into JaxScene eventually becoming a paid thing.

If you’re interested email me at jaxscenedavid@gmail.com

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