Good stuff on the 26th

FaceBook RSVP says:

come dance glow rave sweat rock bang party
It’s a Ware-House party, Shhh!

This one’s going to be insane! Check the Line-up,

Wes Reed (are ‘Friends’ electric)
Nick Fresh (Get Loose)
GizRoc ($Big Bucks)
DJ Metro (LUX)
Keyth Conversion (Carnival)

This is in the same style as the last 2 Raves presented by Landon, come wish him well on this last one before he heads to Egypt!


(props to Sara Basse for the sweet flyer!)

Flier by Tom P.

FaceBook RSVP says:

The Skraelings & The Pearl team up to bring you an exciting nostalgic time-warp…

The destination: The 80s
The event: PROM NIGHT!

Wipe the sweat from your brow, fix your hair, and work up the nerve to ask your crush to the prom all over again.

Jacksonville’s electro-rockers, The Skraelings (w/ special guests) are working tirelessly behind closed doors to bring you a powerhouse 2 hour set of 80s jams sure to get your body groovin’!

You definitely do NOT want to miss this!

Songs from

The Police
Depeche Mode
Mary Jane Girls
The Fixx
The Psychedelic Furs
Spandau Ballet
General Public
Simple Minds
Oingo Boingo
The Cars
Tears For Fears
The Thompson Twins
The Cure
The Pet Shop Boys
Til Tuesday
and more…

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