Joey, the architect of the Urban Jacksonville Blog, is a strong community advocate focused on his community and the city he calls home. With his eyes on neighborhood development and politics, he continues to unroll fresh ideas and projects for Jacksonville as he networks closely with other urban advocates and community organizers. You can catch him on episodes of Urban Jacksonville Weekly or enjoying a good beer and a great venue catching up with friends.

Favorite place to get a drink in Jax?
Joey: Underbelly in 5 Points and Shantytown.

What do you think is the best kind of activism to get into in 2010?
Joey: Any. We need more people to get involved and do things on their own. No one is going to throw that art show or start that blog for you. We, as a city, have to take control of our future and make it what we want it to be.

Important Jacksonville landmark?
Joey: Wormans and Carl’s on Main Street

What is the glass if not half empty and not half full?
Joey: I think we need to dump the water out of the glass and smash it against the wall. This city needs to be re-engineered and rethought.

How old is Urban Jacksonville?
Joey: Our born date is 6-17-2005

Turn the table on me, and ask me a question…
Joey: What is the future of JaxScene without Tom P, it’s founder and architect?
David: I think although Tom has announced his move he will always be unanimous with Jaxscene. Tom has put a lot of energy into this blog, as well as countless coverage of local events, well before REAX came to Jacksonville, or even before the existence of JaxScene. I have no doubt that even if he doesn’t post here, he will have a hand in the growth of JaxScene. From March 08 until now my involvement with JaxScene has been guided closely by Tom. We have worked out new ideas for how the blog should be, but he always let me do what I wanted to if it was cool. One of which was the last redesign of the blog. He instilled in me the focus of why he started it; Music, Art, Community. Also, from not being here, he as played a part in my own reconciliation with where I live and how cool it can really be. In the coming months I want to focus on those strong suites. I want to bring on more energy of those who want to contribute to support our local events and show more media from events that you may not have had a chance to see. As you predicted correctly, I am also working on a redesign to reduce the side gutter clutter and bring an aesthetic focus to media. By the way Tom is bringing back The Hum.

What is your super power?
Joey: Making free time disappear.

Make up an unnecessary quote.
Joey: I didn’t make this up, it’s from Michael Hyatt the CEO of Tomas Nelson Publishers » “When times are tough, vision is the first casualty. Before conditions can improve, it is the first thing we must recover.”

Your favorite album so far in 2010?
Joey: The Stimulus Package – South Rakkas Crew.

Anything else you would like to add?
Joey: Last Saturday, I hosted a LIVE version of Urban Jacksonville Weekly at the Burrito Gallery. We talked to Ian Ranne of Shantytown Pub and Hip Hop Hell Records and had special guest sets by Tough Junkie.

Click to watch LIVE version of Urban Jacksonville Weekly

Interview by David.
Click HERE to read past interviews.

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