Tom P.’s Last JaxScene Post

Photo by Jack Diablo

I just wanted to take the time to let you know my current situation. If you keep up with this blog you may have heard a while ago that JaxScene and REAX were going to merge. That news is at least six months old, but is still a desired direction of both REAX and myself. You might have wondered why there are JaxREAX links and our video has a REAX intro at the beginning, well, this is why. You also might have noticed there have not been any new issues of REAX magazine published in a few months. REAX made a decision to take everything online, and to move in a more national direction while still possibly publishing paper twice a year. I have always wanted to take advantage of their desire to grow so I can push the things I post about (bands, friends, clubs, artists, and culture) and expose them to a broader audience. This Friday the site REAX has been working on for the past three months is coming online. Once it launches I will be blogging over there instead of on JaxScene.

So what happens to JaxScene? I decided to leave it to the other contributors to do with as they choose. I just felt they put a lot into it to just shut it down. Let’s hope they will keep it going with interesting content. I’m going to the Surf Expo in Orlando this week so I decided to make this my last post. Those pictures will probably be my first posts on REAX to keep up with my live photos, and will be posted to my twitter at

Click to see REAX new site. (Currently in countdown)

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  1. Hey Tom. Congrats on working with REAX. I think a guy with your talent will be a great asset to REAX. Looking forward to the new REAX site! JaxScene is a great blog and Im sure it will continue on to still be a great Jacksonville Blog. Rock on man!!!-B.

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