Jaxscene Gift Ideas Part One

Burro Bucks

Do you have someone that needs a cool new bag, shirt, bandana, or wallet? Why not give them a Burro Bags gift card. Let’s face it, Burro has tons of stuff that your son, daughter or friend might want, so let them choose. They even have an online store so you can you can see all they have to offer.

The Fox Coffee Mug

The Fox is one of the best breakfast diners in Jacksonville. I almost didn’t want to mention it because I don’t want the lines in the morning to get any longer. How can you not love the art decorated walls, the staff, the food and the prices? You must have a friend that loves The Fox so get them a souvenir coffee mug. They also offer shirts if you have enough mugs. Located in Avondale.

The first ever RAM shirt sold

We all know the Riverside Arts Market is going to be around for years to come. This weekend RAM is offering their first shirts to be sold to the public. You can take the awesome feeling of shopping down by the river with you and support the market for years to come by purchasing a shirt. Who knows, it might be a collectors item one day. If you want to make sure you get one, arrive early on Saturday (opens at 10am) because quantities are limited.

Something from Arturo Clothing

Arturo shirt w/ Squid Dust design
I don’t know how they do it, but the kids over at Arturo are always coming up with fresh, good looking products. Their choice of designs have always been exciting and different. When they first started out they were printing images that would purposefully annoy someone (wasp, lock, cop car). But recently they have expanded their graphics but have kept the look that makes Arturo unique. They have an online shop here.

If anyone has anything I might like to include for part two please send info to tom@reaxmusic.com

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