Greater Jacksonville Roller Derby Spanksgiving 11/22/08

This Saturday Jenny and I decided to go to a roller derby match. For the past two years we had neighbors who are roller derby girls and we always meant to go watch them, but never did until now. Jacksonville has two roller derby teams the Jacksonville Roller Girls and the Greater Jacksonville Roller Derby. We went to see the Greater Jacksonville Roller Derby a/k/a the Jax Heart Attacks.
If any of you are old enough you might remember when roller derby was on tv. If you haven’t seen it was basically pro wrestling with skates and a circle track. I think it might have even been fake. Well the basics are still the same but the tracks are not inclined, your not allowed to push, punch, kick, pull hair, trip or anything like that. You basically can only body check from the waist to below the head and use your skating skills. But don’t think that makes it weak, there are a lot of girls that will still do it and there are a lot of penalties.
I basically thought the match was pretty exciting and couldn’t stop thinking, “those girls are tough”. My favorite player is the jammer. The jammer is the person who scores points by being in front of the other teams’ jammer and makes it around the track without getting knocked out of bounds. You can tell who she is by the star on her helmet. A jammer scores points based on how many of the other teams’ players they pass. I’m not going to get all into the rules, but I put a video link at the end of the post if you care. I can also be wrong on some of this so if you know, correct me. But I did think the match was really exciting and would be willing to go again.
Sorry about the choppy clip fades in the video, it took me close to four hours to put together. And right now I don’t feel like redoing it.

Click image to see set. Photos by tom p.

The Match was Greater Jacksonville Roller Girls(green) VS Columbia Quad Squad(red)
Greater Jacksonville Roller Derby Spanksgiving 11/22/08,t=1,mt=video,searchID=,primarycolor=,secondarycolor=
Video by tom p.

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  • jaxscene

    Yay for our girls! I was super proud and I can’t wait for the next game. Jenny K

  • Columbia Quad Squad

    Thanks for having us! We had a blast!

  • James Traverse

    Glad to see the Quad Squad mopped the floor with those girls. that is NOT real rollerderby….just a sorry imitation.

  • Real, no implants, 904 Rollergirl

    Mopping the floor?For their first game, the Jax Heart Attacks did amazing. CQS got a sneaky 40 point lead in the 1st period, and JHA managed to close the gap to a 10 point difference in the 2nd, at the end of which there were 2 serious injuries to their power blockers. Skating 2 players short for more than a period, and coming out with a ‘losing’ score of 160-104, for your first game, sounds like a victory to me.Mopping the floor would be like if they were well seasoned, and lost games with scores like…80-37, or 180-69, what was that other one… something like 146-12? Shut up and Skate.

  • James Traverse

    Well, if your girls are so serious about skating, why did it take over a year to have a bout? Do you like sucking all the time? Oh wait, no…you don’t. Don’t talk trash about the REAL Jacksonville Rollergirls, at least they are putting themselves out there to bout. Plus, if you had to go through what those girls did with their coach and her girlfriend stabbing you in the back…you might have had a rough season too. Fuck off….If I wanted “family friendly” rollerderby, why would I fucking bother? If I wanted to see dudes skating, I would watch hockey. You girls are a JOKE, and a joke in the derby scene in the state of Florida. Believe that. And, you need to get your facts straight before you go spouting scores.

  • Anonymous

    James, there are a few of us who would like to hug you. You seem like you would know how to get a hold of us, so please do! 😉

  • Anonymous

    LOL… I am dying….If GJRD were a joke..then what do you call the JRG who got beat by them AT STATE.. and GJRD with only 13 girls no less….Looks like GJRD are the REAL team here to me…this is evidenced by the article as stated below from The Greater Jacksonville Rollergirls, also making their Sunshine Skate debut, are a team which formed last year by splintering from SS08’s fourth place New Jax City Rollers, shocked the Sunshine Skate 2009 crowd by pulling an upset in a grudge match versus their original league. It was already apparent that the Jacksonville breakup would have significant repercussions for the NJCR, but such far-reaching consequences couldn’t have been predicted.Jacksonville/Duval County’s New Jax City Rollers is in a rebuilding phase right now, having lost some of their talent to the secessionist Greater Jacksonville Roller Girls league. Last year’s fourth place participants made a disappointing second appearance to this year’s tournament, most notably suffering a defeat at the hand of the offshoot GJRG. Perhaps, this is an opportunity for NJCR to rebuild itself, and to earn for itself a brand-new imageAnd to answer your questions about taking over a year to have a bout maybe JRG should have taken as much time an effort to train as these girls did. I think a year for an UPSTART team to recruit train, promote,and hold a bout is reasonable. It is really too bad JRG cant pull themselves up by their bootstraps and stop bashing anyone who does not agree with them or shows more talent than them. Furthermore, Family Friendly Roller Derby is a novel concept, if JRG realized there is more to derby than the afterparty, and put as much effort into their skating as they do into worrying about what the other ROLLER DERBY LEAGUE is doing and use this as an (how was that stated?)“opportunity for NJCR to rebuild itself, and to earn for itself a brand-new image” Yeah… a brand new image….STOP GIVING DERBY a BAD NAME!!!


    Yeah, GJRD is good at shit talking….and riding coat tails…that’s about it. How about the REAL Jacksonville Rollergirls kicking Nashville by 100 points? Or only losing to a WFTDA (Atlanta) by 6? Why don’t you guys play them, in Jacksonville. They will show you what’s up!

  • Sylvia Traverse

    I like how you claim it’s Nashville and Atlanta, without mentioning they were their B teams. Next you’re gonna claim they Beat the 3rd place team from State Championships broward county. Cause yes, they did. But lets see how they would have fared with Tsunami Sue, Spontaneous Combustya, and Freekarella, out on the track instead of their fresh meat.

    And that last comment wasn’t shit talk. It was what TAMPA observed. I WISH Jacksonville Rollergirls had the tatas to play GJRD in JAX, but theyre too scared to acknowledge that while they may be a larger, more seasoned league, GJRD is still better at the sport.

  • Anonymous

    Wow…Grow up, just a bit…for a minute…Please.

    It is a sport..leave the drama for the TV…which by the way only one of these teams is currently be broadcast on. If, if, if…Whatever. Oh and next your gonna say….you really have a SEASON… oh, oh, oh and I like how you “worry about what the other league is doing”…HA…jokes
    Just shut up and play. Maybe if some so called leagues would actually look up sportsmanship, other leagues would want to play them, invite them back, or ….say positive things about them…when they were not around. It seems to me as just a plain lover of sports who has watched both teams play and because of who I am, have received some background knowledge, that one of them has a lot of growing up to do and I am not talking about then length of time thay have been a team.

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