Electric President new album "Sleep Well"

If you don’t know Ben Cooper, it’s about time you did. Ben is one of those silent deadly genius’s who laser gun is always on stun. Ben has a old but revisited project with friend Alex Kane called Electric President and they have a new album out called “Sleep Well” that is being released in the U.S on June 25th (today). Electric President also decide to shoot five short films for “Sleep Well” with longtime friend and Mark Hubbard. Mark has done a few shorts like the one shown at Eclipse during Art Sparks called “Boys Night Out”about 5 guys stuck in a bathroom labyrinth of death that also features Ben Cooper. Mark also made the The Andrei Omelyanenko Show and most if not all the official julius airwave videos. The new Electric President album has twelve tracks. Here is the explantion video made for “Sleep Well” and a video called “Scrapebook 1”

This Saturday night The Eclipse will be having a listening party for the entire Electric Presidents album and showing “Boys Night Out” on the big screen. Everything starts @ 9:45pm sharp.

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