Words from tom p. a Jaxscene contributor.

Even though I haven’t had any complaints I want to say I think some of you might have assumed I either like The Pearl a lot or have some sort of ties to it with all the pictures and mention of it. At least that I must be a fan of The Pearl. We’ll yeah….to all of it. Just recently I got a job doing promotions there and they gave me my own night to do what I choose to on Monday. Here is what I want to say. I have a blog, I’m a lot busier now but I try to do what I can. I try to promote everyone without showing favoritism. I put things on the blog I have access to. For example I can’t go out and shoot bands all the time like before but I can show you I was working and I let somebody that was there borrow my camera and take pictures, here they are. I can search the Internet and local papers to see who is playing where and let you know. Which is hard cause a lot of bands don’t even promote they are playing besides with a few myspace bulletins. I think it’s pretty cool that I’m trying to build a night and work at a club I want to be successful, yet I’m telling you to go to other places as well. I recently started an interests column on the right, linking more pictures than just mine of other events. If you haven’t seen it you should check it out. As far as having a blog, I don’t care at all to meet the criteria of being what a blog is. If you want to look, look. If you don’t, don’t. The reason we just put up pictures, video, flyers and interviews is because we read to many opinions already, and we at Jaxscene like the idea of facts. We’re not going to tell you the festival was this way or that because that is my opinion and I can’t speak for everyone. We can say, we took pictures you decide what you think about it. With that said, I’m going to be posting some more Pearl pictures. If you have pictures of an event and want them on here just send me a link. I’ll give you photo credit and everything. Jacksonville unite. If I ever take a picture of anyone and they want it taken down just send us an email. I want to say thanks for letting me take them. I think in 5 years you’re going to be happy I did.

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