Jaxzine issue 1

So I finish issue one. Why I made a zine I have no idea. The content is my favorite pictures/things from Jaxscene. It’s pretty much a paper copy of Jaxscene. There is not anything in it that is’t on Jaxscene, beside the Atari facts. So here is the call out. I put a few flyers in it, I tried not to show favoritism. I thought of a few I wanted to put in it but didn’t know if the people wanted to be represented in a zine, I would like to know. If you like Jaxscene and want to be in Jaxzine put me on your email list send me your flyers and your weekly or monthly things your doing. I would also like to put artist in it so if your a artist send me what your working on. Of course its in black and white but it’s a zine, it’s all in fun. and I will use my discretion. With that the zine is going to be released Monday at The Pearl at Avant Chic!/Apres Chic!. I only made 50 so they are super limited. The cover charge is free that night and the zine is free. You might be wondering, “Why the Pearl”. The Pearl lets me put on events and supports me and for that I’m thankful. I personally want to support everyone and would like the opportunity to release issue two and so on in other places.

A link to a online copy of my old zine The Hum

2 thoughts on “Jaxzine issue 1”

  1. I think this is a great idea. Would be really cool to see your zine hit the streets and take off running. If your gonna do an issue 2 you should try and make it out to the TSI Art and Music Mixer on 07/11. Theres gonna be a lot of artists there, music, and the type of crowd that would really dig your zine. Good luck with this man….ill be sure to send info your way and ill help spread the word too. Keep it up man!-B.G.

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