Autrelle is a true riverside warrior with the love for friends, Aikido, and smoking that hookah.

What was the longest time you had to sit patiently, and where?
38 hours… Jail, B**ch!

Do you have any odd or rare fears?
Water, drowning, swimming.. all that. Heights… cockroaches!

Chinese buffet or Mexican grill?
Hablo, B**ch!

Any movies you love but to embarrassed to readily admit?

Can you bust a move?
I can bust that ass.

Make up a name for a Bank that also sells fast food.
First Guaranty Kabobs.

You won tons of money to start up something in a empty building downtown, what would you do with the space?
Objectivist Cult/Hookah-Sake Bar.

What fruit of your choice would you have disappear for ever?
Juniper – I HATE GIN!

Any favorite local artists?
Jim Draper… Henry Peterson… Jack Brighton… Cassandra Siegel… Mac Truque… Glen Young…

Can you speak any phrases in another language?
French… Japanese… Italian.


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  • Blasphemer

    Well, that was completely informative. I still have no idea who Autrelle is. What he does. Or why he would rate an interview.

  • jaxscene

    i get what your saying. most of the interviews on jaxscene are from random people who just want to do interviews. most of the time the people that contribute to jaxscene have interviews in our pockets waiting for someone willing to answer them. this one was done by david, he just comes up with them on the fly. i think they are funny. they’re not supposed to be informative in the way most interviews are. i also like the idea that every single person in my whole community is just as important as the next. i don’t want to be the judge of who’s more important. we also don’t like the idea of taking the blog to seriously. i/we have fun doing this. i think if i did “real interviews” or photo shoots i wouldn’t do it.

  • Anonymous

    Ignore blasphemer and let him go back to passing off other people’s work as his own. His article:http://jaxblaspheme.blogspot.com/2008/05/buttery-surprise.htmlInteresting that’s the same photo that was posted to social networking sites weeks earlier by someone else…http://reddit.com/r/pics/info/6hmqn/comments/http://digg.com/food_drink/This_butter_is_acting_sexy_SFWblasphemer = FAILGo troll n00bs idiot.

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