Travis is your favorite bartender at The Pearl who’s not afraid to wear a Kilt. He’s fast, thorough, and a good shot. When not catering to the alcohol drinking masses, he enjoys time with family and the wilderness.
All questions were made up on spot by a drunk me (David).

Name a corn based food. Tortillas.

Have you ever jumped off any high places? yeah, Railroad trusses.

Have you ever owned a stuffed animal? Yes, Yes I had a bear for a long time. Oh, and Christine Wagner… (she walks by during interview)

What was the most interesting setting during a bike ride? The St. Johns Town Center… You know why…

Fire, Air, Earth, or Water? Water. I’ve surfed and sailed.

What color is the number seven? Green.

Have you ever worn a T-shirt that you second guessed whether you should wear it at all? Yes, my “Fuck you Steve Dave” shirt.

If you’re amazed what word describes it? I’m amazed (confused stare).

Everyone loves camping. What was the worst camping experience? Out camping in boxers (It was part of a deliberate awkward camping theme devised between friends). I busted out on my tent wearing my boxers and yelled “Awkward camping!” before being tackled to the ground.

Bad wallpaper? Yeah… I once had an entire room wallpapered with news papers… It helps the environment.

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