So I’m helping to plan a festival which will be held at The Pearl on May 25, the Sunday before Memorial day. Here are the details:

The festival will be start at 1 pm and last until late. The outside of the Pearl is going to be set up like a bazaar, anyone who has a good cause or message can set up a booth for free. If you would like to set up a booth, please contact Phillip. Food not Bombs will be set up to give away free food and the community garden will be open so you can see their progress. I would like artists to set up inside The Pearl to showcase their work, contact me at jaxscene@yahoo.com if you are interested. The confirmed bands so far are: Tuffy, Buffalo Tears, Manatella, Lazerstar, Helios Eye, Fruit Machine, and Airport Factory, and comedian Joel Land. I’m still waiting for a few other bands to confirm.

The door fee will be $5, all proceeds go to the community garden. You can take $1 off if you bring a canned or dried food, which will go to Food Not Bombs. The outside area will be free.

If anyone wants to be part of this, just let Phillip or me know. Come out to the community garden on saturdays at noon or sunday at 2pm, Bring your ideas to Phillip or anyone in the garden.

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  • Joey Marchy

    Do you mean May 15th?

  • Danilo Q

    If anyone is interested in helping Jax’s Food Not Bombs, you can contact us at info@jaxmds.org or visit our website at http://www.jaxfnb.org.See ya’ll at the festival.

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