This post is really for people like my girlfriend. We were at the pudding wrestling at The Pearl and she didn’t like it, said it’s just weird seeing it in a club that you listen to music with you friends and has a level of coolness and go to cause it’s not a jock club. She explained it as a outside element that you would expect clubs like Ocean Club or Plush to do. I told her I didn’t have a problem with it I pretty much seen the people that were wrestling at the club and to me it was funny seeing them get slammed by their friends. So we leave go to TSI and their talking about how they agree with my girlfriend. Anyways I saw this and thought I would point this out.

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6 thoughts on “WHAT @ TSI?”

  1. Let me clarify this all.It’s not a joke, but it’s also something I have nothing to do with.As most of you know, Thursdays have been Hip-Hop Hell at TSI for quite some time. Lots of crazy shit goes on there, sometimes really cool things. But Ian is spread thin most of the time, so he brings in other people in town to put on events.That’s all this is, it isn’t us selling out. None of you will ever come across it because the majority of you have never been on a Thursday.Anyways.You should all come see Lazerstar this Friday!

  2. Brendon, i totally get it. you got a point about most of the regulars never even going to TSI on thursday. i honestly have only been out to Hip Hop Hell at TSI about 4 times. i know how Ian can get spread thin. i was just saying, when it happens somewhere else it’s easy to point fingers, and laugh. this was just me saying, “this happened”. i definitely wasn’t trying to bash anybody.

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