Andrew Nowak and Miguel Valenzuela are workmates at Moon River Pizza, band mates of “Our Name Is Legion”, and great lovers friends.

What band would you like to see do a on the spot guerrilla show in a taco bell?
Andrew: Man Man… wearing sombreros.
Miguel: Hootie & the Blowfish

If you had to relocate to another country for life, where would it be?
Andrew: Richard Branson’s Private Island… saw on ABC Primetime.
Miguel: Iceland.

Describe the weirdest video comment posted to your MySpace.
Andrew: Leonard Nimoy’s Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.
Miguel: I don’t think I’ve had videos posted.

What’s the source of your craziness?
Andrew: I think pop-culture drives me crazy. I have no choice but to regurgitate at myself and others.
Miguel: Pornography…

Smoothies or Shakes?
Andrew: Smoothies, even though, I do love to shake it.
Miguel: Ohh definitely smoothies.

Why did you do it?
Andrew: O.J. told me.
Miguel: My dog told me.

What was the silliest thing you’ve worn?
Andrew: A comically huge foam gallon cowboy hat.
Miguel: Paul Frank underwear.

What would you buy for $19.95?
Andrew: Zorbeez… *chuckle* cuz man, they can absorb anything.
Miguel: A cheap pare of soccer cleats.

Would you ever consider cross dressing?
Andrew: Already have… way ahead of you.
Miguel: It all depends… man.

What comes to mind when I randomly say “Shampoo Memories”?
Andrew: Champagne dreams… tragically delicious thoughts.
Miguel: The days without my dreads… and…. Pornography.

You can listen to Our Name Is Legion‘s great sounding tracks or fallow their calender at http://www.myspace.com/ournameisduval

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