The Bastard (John) is hosting this saturdays Black and White Ball @ TSI.

What do you think of Dan Hicken? Poor cuckold. So dorky!

Are you a organ donor? No. I don’t know why not. Maybe I am?

Favorite late night host? Whoever has the most booze at home.

Have you ever spit on someone on purpose? Yep! An ex, I felt awful afterwards.

Can you name a country singer? Patsy Cline.

Have you ever been in a fight? With the ex I spit on.

Last time you threw up? Cannot recall…..I’m sure I drank before and after.

Liquor or beer? Both equally, water’s a mixer.

How long can you go without talking? I always have gossip to impart, so never.

Favorite Tom Hanks movie? Big, I want to play the piano with Robert Loggia.

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