The Andrei Omelyanenko Show by Mark Hubbard

If you all don’t know Mark Hubbard he’s use to be the drummer for Julius Airwave, from what I heard they broke up. Well Mark is pretty good with a video camera and has shot most of the videos for Julius Airwave. This is a video Mark made for school, it stars Jack Ringca the professional yo-yo guy you might have seen hanging out around Jacksonville, and the local band Rickolus where in the video Mark Hubbard play’s drums. The video also has a commercial Mark made for a commercial contest for Hienz’s Ketchup and a teaser trailer for a short film Mark been working on called Fright Camp.

The Andrei Omelyanenko Show from Mark Hubbard on Vimeo.

Another video Mark made:

Julius Airwave- Glory Glory

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