Interview taken @ Shantytown Pub on St Patty’s Day.

Would you date someone with a mullet?
Steven: Yes.
Annie: Been there done that.

What body part are you most comfortable with?
Steven: Eyes.
Annie: Hands.

Do you already have kids names picked out?
Steven: Not kids, but dogs.
Annie: Yes, pretty much.

Do you think humanity is more likely to be lost by nuclear explosion or cosmic explosion?
Steven: Nuclear.
Annie: Nuclear.

Are you allergic to anything?
Steven: No.
Annie: Pollen (like whoa).

Last good song Micheal Jackson did?
Steven: Black or White.
Annie: Billie Jean.

When was the last time you bid on something? What was it? Did you win?
Steven: Last week, Campagnolo brakes, yes.
Annie: Motobecane bicycle, two months ago, yes.

Favorite Keanu Reeves movie?
Steven: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.
Annie: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Have you ever given blood?
Steven: No, they won’t let me, i’m gay.
Annie: Yes, usually for money.

Do you have a favorite soup?
Steven: No.
Annie: Vichyssoise.

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