Donovan plays the upright bass, you can find him every friday night @ The Pearl eating fire.

What do you think of Dan Hicken? It should be Han Dicken. Kidding, kidding. I don’t really know I only met him a few times.

Are you a organ donor? No, and for a good reason. A friend of mine died because he was one. Long story short be careful about wearing nail polish if you have a faint heartbeat.

Favorite late night host? Conan O’brien. Support the Irish.

Have you ever spit on someone on purpose? Plenty of times. I had even hocked a loogie down a girl’s throat ’cause she shoved he dirty earring into my mouth. It was the worst thing I ever tasted.

Can you name a country singer? Jim Lauderdale

Have you ever been in a fight? Oh yeah. I used to do bare knuckle boxing with my friends when I was younger. Now I try to talk myself out of the situation.

Last time you threw up? I don’t know. 6 months to a year. Maybe longer.

Liquor or beer? Moonshine or liquor should be the question.

How long can you go without talking? It’s been a while since I had my silence. But I know I can go a month.

Favorite Tom Hanks movie? The Terminal.

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