I’m not trying to be political but I happen to love art, I keep up with it. I search the web and see amazing artists, amazing “street artists.” and I think to myself, “good thing you don’t live here you would get arrested”. This is Swoon. Swoon is a street artist who grew up in Florida and now lives in New York. Her work is mostly cut paper, wheat pasted. She got her name when one morning her boyfriend said to her, “I had this dream last night that you were a tagger and you wrote the name SWOON. We were running from the police and all I could think about was how beautiful your name was.”
She is showing in hollywood at The New Image Art Gallery.

This is one of her installations.

She also worked on a project called the Rockaway Armada that was a boat made of junk that traveled down the Mississippi from Minneapolis to New Orleans meeting people and showing art along the way.

A great video.

Swoon flickr pool.

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