Say your bored, at the house with some friends, new to the scene and can’t figure out what that song was you heard at the club, looking for new music, whatever. I have compiled a few playlist that I’m going to keep adding to when I get time. Right now I just did one for “old indie rock” and “dance”. Not necessarily my favorite genres just what I felt like doing. They are at the bottom left of the page. I made them from Project Playlist. Cool thing about Project Playlist is you can build playlist for free, put them on your Myspace or webpage, and the speed of how fast the start playing when you click a song is incredible. If anyone creates one and they want me to post it I’d be happy to.

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  • dr.strangelove

    could find contact link so here goes. please check out .freak at for friday happy hour bliss.

  • jaxscene

    i’ll put a link up. thanks. this is the first time i heard of it. maybe i’ll stop by and check it out.

  • Mathew

    thanks for the ride…

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