You should go to the tangerine fest.


Hello Everyone! This year’s Festival is sure to be a great day, Rain or Shine!

wanted to give you a heads up on what’s planned for Saturday:

The Alley Cat Bicycle Race will be starting at the Festival. This is the first point race for the florida fixed circuit this year. it’ll be activity heavy, light on the miles, and we’ve definitely got some awesome prizes for those of you who take the lead. Registration will be at noon and the race is scheduled to start at 1 pm. If you would like to help out with this race, a couple of volunteers are still needed for some of the stops so please let me know!

The Riverside Futbol Club is hosting a 3 v 3 soccer Tournament in the Park. Maximum players per team is 5, Registration is free. you can register early by contacting them at their myspace: myspace.com/riversidefc, or register at the festival at 10 am. If you want to compete, but don’t have a team together, let them know and they’ll try to get you in with some other players.

Khalid’s Hookah Experience will be there this year. He’ll be setting up a hookah lounge in the park for everyone’s relaxation and enjoyment. 18 and up only.

Magnolia Farms, Jax Beach Farmer’s Market, Urb Farmers, and many local gardeners will be hosting a local produce market. Along with produce they’ll be selling seeds, seedlings, tools and other garden stuffs to help you get your spring garden growing.

The Jax Bicycle Co-op will be hosting a Bicycle clinic. So if you need some help figuring out what goes where and how to get that chain to stay on, bring it out and they’ll help show you what you need to know.
They’re also hosting a Bicycle Show. Bring your prized bike out and enter it into the show! There’s all types of categories for you to enter, so see if you can win best in Show!

St. Augustine Food Not Bombs, Miss Savage, and Our own Captain of Fun, Amy Guacamole, will be serving up some delicious food! They’ll be doing some cooking as well as hosting a Festival Potluck!

Captain Guacamole is also organizing great activities for the day such as Potato Sack Races, Frisbee tosses, Twister and other absurdly fun things!

The Gainesville Free Store will be travelling on up here to set up shop! They’ve got quiite a bit of free stuff for you and your friends, so make sure you check them out!

Wave Hi Cyclists, The Sierra Club, The St. John’s Riverkeeper, Slow Foods, Wage Peace and other activist groups will be coming out to Share with us the work that they do and knowledge that we can take home with us!

A LOT of Artists and Craftsfolk will be setting up in the park at the Festival. Really, come check them out!

There will also be an Art Station where you can paint, sketch, stencil and art your heart out!

And of Course, There will Be Music. No set list, No Flyers, just bring your drum, your guitar, your fiddle or your vocal chords and make some beautiful beautiful music!

I’m sure there’s Quite a bit that I’m forgetting to Mention…
But This should give you an idea of what’ll be happening.

I’ll see you there!!!





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